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EasyLapse PRO

开发 Dot Perf Solution
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Anyone can take trendy time lapse videos with ease! It can also do stop motion! By all means, please give it a try!EasyLapse is an app that lets anyone make trendy time lapse videos or stop motion videos.There is remove ads in the professional version and can use all functions without a limit more.We hope you will enjoy making all kinds of time lapse videos in all kinds of places!!Features1: You can share videos you make on Instagram or Facebook with just 2 stepsThe process for sharing is very simple. Check the preview, and if you made an interesting video, save it right away. After that, just choose a social media platform like Instagram or Facebook.2: You can add your choice of background music (BGM) to a videoYou can add your choice of BGM to the videos you make. In addition to the music provided, you can set a song stored on your device as the BGM.You can redo this as many times as you want.3: Also supports making selfie videosIt is also compatible with front-facing cameras. Not only can you make time lapse videos of scenery, you can also make time lapse videos of your own facial expressions.4: Supports 1080P, 720P, and 480P video sizesThe default is 720P. The front-facing camera uses a fixed size.*You may not be able use 1080P with some models.5: You can make stop motion videosIt is equipped with a manual filming mode that lets you make a video like a scene in a flip book-style homemade movie by filming frame by frame.6: Supports reverse video playbackMaybe a video that isnt interesting played normally might become interesting if you play it backwards!?EasyLapse CommunityFacebook: List[Settings] Set Save Folder Set Resolution Self Timer Recording Auto-pause Silent Shutter Remote Control Shutter
[Editing] Add/Change Music Reverse Playback Import External Video Share Animated GIF (BETA)
[Filming] White Balance Image Filter Adjust Exposure Grid Lines Flash
[Sharing] Facebook Instagram Facebook Message Other, Google+, Youtube, etc.
UsesBy presenting an extended scene in a shorter period of time, you can experience motion and changes in the scenery that you cannot sense with the naked eye. This is what makes time lapse videos interesting.
Examples 1. Sunrise scenes, sunset scenes 2. Scenes transitioning from daytime to a nighttime view 3. Extended scenes such as painting a picture, assembling a plastic model, assembling a jigsaw puzzle, or playing video games 4. Your own everyday life 5. Cleaning from beginning to end
Tips for Filming1. When filming, use a tripod or other equipment to keep your smartphone as still as possible.2. Having some stationary objects appear in your videos makes them more interesting.
Uses FFmpeg under permission of LGPL.